27 Jul 2016, 11:57 General Jobs

What it takes to be a Bluemix Garage developer

The Bluemix Garage is a highly dynamic, multi-disciplinary consulting practice working with clients and partners of any size across all industries.

Being a Bluemix Garage developer means being exposed to forward-thinking methodologies as well as a large variety of technologies and other talented designers, developers and software architects. Bluemix Garage developers are customer focused, highly communicative, flexible, adaptable and know how to empathize and effectively work with their team members and their skills.

Projects run in the Bluemix Garage are guided by the Bluemix Garage Method, a set of methodologies, activities and techniques that help the team to stay focused and enable the client to learn fast.

Design Thinking and Lean Startup inform the user-centric and business-hypothesis-driven nature of the Bluemix Garage projects.

Another integral part of the Bluemix Garage Method is the eXtreme Programming methodology. Bluemix Garage developers embrace this methodology and its values.

  • Following the value of simplicity Bluemix Garage developers implement what is needed and nothing more in small simple steps, mitigating failures as they happen.
  • Communication means working on everything together to create the best possible solution.
  • A set of feedback activities guides the team to demonstrate results early and often. Bluemix Garage developers listen carefully to feedback and adapt where necessary.
  • Bluemix Garage developers have the courage to immediately identify when a process is stuck or an estimate is wrong.
  • Team members respect others and are being respected by others.

In addition, activities such as attending meetups, presenting at conferences, taking part in hackathons and contributing to open source are very welcome and well received.