12 Jul 2016, 10:41

About us

For information about the other Garages in our network, see IBM’s main Bluemix Garage site. There is also lots of great Garage content on the the Bluemix Blog.

Here is a brief presentation which provides an overview of the London Garage.

The IBM Bluemix Garage is a transformational thought that re-imagines the methods & environments in which innovation-led applications are developed.

The Garage team is located amongst start-up companies and is using techniques that are based on lean start-up philosophies.

At the Garage, our entire process is built around fast feedback and embracing change, giving clients the opportunity to experience what is involved in delivering a minimum viable product to real end-users on the internet in as short a time a possible. We call this the Bluemix Garage Method.

We start each project with a design workshop. Our clients are guided through the IBM Design Thinking process, a framework for generating ideas and turning them into innovative, user-focused projects. This emphasis on design continues throughout the project, as engineers and designers work together to deliver exceptional user experiences.

The output of the workshop feeds into the project inception. This is a meeting — no longer than a day — between client stakeholders, project managers, designers and engineers. The meeting starts by defining the goals of the project and ends with a prioritised list of user stories. With this list, engineers and designers can immediately get to work.

Our secret weapons are Test-Driven Development and Pair Programming. TDD increases code quality and decreases the cost of change. Pairing allows us to bring 2 heads to every problem, and means that knowledge is constantly shared within the team. This lets us onboard people quickly, work with fewer meetings, and avoid knowledge silos.

From the first story, we deliver code into production. Client stakeholders see progress as it happens and directly influence the future direction of development. Our tooling allows us to predict when certain milestones will be reached based on our past velocity. Clients can re-prioritise the story backlog so that the most valuable features are delivered first.

Our projects use the rich, open-technology based cloud platform-as-a-service offering, IBM Bluemix which provides developers with a wide choice of runtimes and services with which to build their applications. IBM Bluemix provides a huge amount of capability for free, and then utility based pricing for usage once application owners decide they want to take their innovations to the Big Time!

A typical project will last 2 to 12 weeks and involve product management, design and engineering input to deliver a proof of concept, pilot or live production application depending on the needs of the client.

We work in an open fashion, inviting start-ups in the communities we are based in to meet with us and discuss ideas and approaches through informal interactions and organised events.

The London Bluemix Garage is based in a co-working space at WeWork Moorgate. WeWork has a number of collaborative areas globally which provide community and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses.